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This industry demands reliable operational facilities in order to guarantee a cost-efficient and safe production process. At Box Modul we create such solutions by building switchgear modules, substation modules, reserve power modules and other technical buildings for energy-consuming processes. We are not limited by standardized products – our modules are built from the ground up according to your specific requirements. Working with us guarantees flexibility and great customer service. We always strive to deliver your solution, for your needs on your terms.



We take pride in being able to offer you a broad range of solutions. We can guarantee that we in a close collaboration with you will construct and deliver the best possible solution. Based on our long history and experience with this industry and sandwich construction we will always be honest with our customers when certain requests could make the product quality decrease or if an added material, equipment or customized design would improve the product.

Thanks to a strong collaboration with research institutes and with assistance from several partners who are experts at their craft, we are able to stay ahead of our competition in many areas.

Our assurance

At Box Modul we work to achieve nothing less than perfection. We strive to be your first choice for modular solutions by delivering the absolute best quality modules on the market. But you can’t just make a great product if you want to be the best. That is why we take our customer service very seriously and choose our partners with care.

We build what you need with the customizations you desire

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